SATO, Toshiyuki

SATO, Toshiyuki


Department of Integrated Humanities
(Comparative Studies of Culture)

E-mail: tosato[at]

Research Fields

Human Cultural Studies, Sino-Japanese Comparative Cultural Studies and Chinese Six Dynasties Cultural Research

Research Keywords

  • Six Dynasties
  • Lu Yun (陸雲)
  • Lu Ji (陸機)
  • Poetic Diction
  • Wang Xizhi (王羲之)

Research Outline

With an emphasis on classical Chinese literature (kanbun), I research China’s relationship with Japan from a wide variety of perspectives, such as language, literature, history, and culture. I am constantly considering how and why the thoughts and viewpoints of Japanese and Chinese people differ.

Research Achievements

  • A Study of Lu Yun’s “Nan Zheng Fu(南征賦)”, Bulletin of the Society of Liu-Chao Periods, 1, pp.25-41, 1999.
  • Lu Ji and Lu Yun, The new Education of Kanbun, 23, pp.9-19, 1996.
  • The Process of Establishing “Wen Fu(文賦)”, Collection for Commemorating the Establishment of Graduate Course in Journal of Yasuda Women’s University, pp.85-103, 1995.
  • A Study of the Two Lu after They Entering Luoyang, Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan, 44, pp.47-61, 1992.
  • The Two Lu’s View of Writing, Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan, 37, pp.75-88, 1985.