Associate Professor

Department of Japanese and Chinese Languages and Literatures
(Japanese Language and Literature)

E-mail: [at]

Research Fields

Research of Japanese historical linguistics, Jesuit mission press in Japan, library of clan school in the late Edo period


Research Keywords

  • Japanese historical linguistics
  • Jesuit mission press in Japan
  • Japanese characters and writing system
  • Movable type printing technique
  • Library of clan school


Research Outline

I specialize Japanese historical linguistics, especially linguistic approach for the Jesuit mission press in Japan. I am interested in Japanese characters and writing system, therefore researching how the western movable type printing technique to adapt to Japanese. Moreover, learning Japanese of Missionary, editing process and purpose of Chinese characters dictionary Rakuyōsyū, feature of writing system using continuous writing Renmen and various characters Hentaigana. And I am also interested in printing culture, researching clan printing book and how to create and inherit clan school books collection in late Edo period.

Research Achievements

  • On the vocabulary of Rakuyōsyū-Hompen ―A Comparison between Rakuyōsyū-Hompen and Kohon-Setsuyōsyū―, Diacritical language and diacritical Materials, No.139, The society for research in Kunten language(2017)
  • Publishing of Jesuit mission press in Japan and learning of Japanese, Kaneharu fukushima, Art and Literature, the historical approach of life and culture 9, Tikurinsha(2016)
  • Publishing of Shinshū Matsumoto clan version Heiyōroku, from movable type printing to woodblock printing, Toshiyuki, Suzuki, and Eiji, Yamamoto, Sukykōkan of Shinshū Matsumoto clan and the book collection of Tago, Shintensha(2015)
  • Fides no quiō, Yagi syoten(2011), Co-author : Yoshimi Orii, Masayuki Toyoshima
  • Hiragana ligatures of the Jesuit mission press in Japan, Journal of Asian and African Studies No.76, Reseach institute for languages and cultures of Asia and Africa(2008)