Department of Integrated Humanities
(Comparative Studies of Culture)

E-mail: takanaga[at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

Japanese Linguistics, Pragmatics and Dialectology

Research Keywords

  • Language
  • Medical Communication
  • Social Dialect

Research Outline

I study modern Japanese from the perspectives of dialectology and sociolinguistics. My analyses incorporate the various phenomena observed in daily life and the perspective of sociology. I am interested in the way people communicate and how this relates to language and context.

Research Achievements

  • Sociolinguistic Research on Urbanizing Regional Communities, Keisuisha, 1997.
  • Research on Multilayering of Phrasal Modality in Medical Interviews Focusing on the Case of a Dental Interview, Kokubungakuko, 220, pp.1-15, 2013.
  • Language Contact and Language Control, Hiromitsu Machi (ed.), Teaching Japanese as a Second Language Vol.2, 3A Network, pp.18-32, 2006.
  • Language Transmission and Personal Networks, Toshiaki Muroyama (ed.), Methods of Dialectal Lexicology, Izumi Shoin, pp.77-97, 2000.
  • Prejudices toward Dialects: The Case of Naturally Occurring Dialects in Local Residents of Takaya-cho, Higashi-hiroshima City, Kokubungakuko, 125, pp.13-27, 1990.