The 5th International Symposium on Food and Environment was organized

The Graduate School of Biosphere Science organized the 5th International Symposium on Food and Environment as an event of Home Coming Day of Hiroshima University on 3 November. The focus of the symposium was “Current Research Progress on Sustainable Agriculture in East Asia”.
(General Chairperson: Dr. Yukinori Yoshimura) (Welcome message from the Dean, Dr. Kohzo Taniguchi)
Speakers were invited from sister universities of Hiroshima University. The topics and speakers in Part 1 were “Sustainable Management of Banana Fusarium Wilt Disease through Generating of Soil Suppressivenes” presented by Dr. Arif Wibowo (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia)and “Sustaining the Agricultural Production System and Environment by Integrative Sciences: A Case Study from Thai Cassava Production” presented by Dr. Sutkhet Nakasathien (Kasetsart University, Thailand).
(Dr. Arif Wibowo/ Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) (Chair : Dr. Toshinori Nagaoka)
(Dr. Sutkhet Nakasathien / Kasetsart University, Thailand) (Chair : Dr. Jun Wasaki)
In Part 2, Dr. Ryogen Oh (Tunghai University, Taiwan)presented “Implementation of Centralized Recycle System for Hog Excreta and Sludge in Taiwan”, and Dr. Izumi Yano (Hiroshima University) presented “Present Conditions and Issues of the Food Recycling Loop in Japan”.
(Dr. Ryogen Oh / Tunghai University, Taiwan) (Chair : Dr. Shinichi Kawakami)
(Dr. Izumi Yano / Hiroshima University) (Chair : Dr. Masahiro Yamao)
From the presentations, the message is clear that sustainable food production for humans is an essential issue, while the environmental problems in the agricultural fields are becoming more serious.
The audience composed of students, ordinary citizens, alumni, professors emeritus, and university staffs enjoyed the discussion on this important issue.
(General Discussion) (Speakers with the Dean and professors)
The symposium allowed the sharing of ideas for proper management of environmental materials in the agricultural fields and of the integrated cycles of food production in East Asia.
(Reception after the Symposium)