Message from President

Good afternoon all graduates. My name is Takuya Baba. I am the president of IDEC alumni association. On behalf of the association, I would like to say a few words of congratulation.

As all of you are aware, we experienced unprecedented tragedy in March 11th this year. We just commemorated a half year since then. I cannot find any appropriate words to express the tragedy. One thing which I can say for sure is that we look at the word networking from different angle. Before it was rather pleasing and symbolic, but rather an abstract word. But now I feel people of Japan have realized in the true sense the word “networking” after receiving many supports and words of concerns from many people abroad.

I considered the word once again. In order to have networking, first of all we need to have net, which represent people and their relationship. And secondly this net should work. In fact the word is not work but rather working. This implies dynamic relation among the people, which ever develops.

In this sense, I feel it is high time for me to reiterate the importance of networking through IDEC alumni association. This association has started in 2000. This is the symbolical year, to connect twentieth century and twenty-first century.

Fellow graduates, please consider once again the meaning of this ever-evolving networking, which expands across the international society. Look around us. There are many people from different countries and many people with different backgrounds. Different ideas, characteristics and so on. Many different things. And what a coincidence we studied under this IDEC. In fact IDEC somehow represent international community, which is very unique. This is tremendous asset of ours. Please do practice networking as a dynamic process, even after you go back to your country or any other place. We really encourage you to work with us and other members of the Alumni.

In future, we would like to meet again here or any other place and talk about the growth of this networking.

Finally but not least, I pray for your healthy and prosperous future. 
Takuya Baba

September 22nd, 2011