IDEC Journal Vol.6 No.1

IDEC Journal Vol.6 No.1

1―22 Shunji MATSUOKA / Tsukasa WATARI / Reishi MATSUMOTO / Hiroaki SHIRAKAWA
The evaluation of sustainability for utilization of forestry resource in Japan : The comparison of property regimes (market, state, and commons) as the sustainable resource management system

23―33 Dr. M. SADDULLAH
Animal based smallholding farms in developing countries with special reference to Bangladesh

35―58 Dhruba Kumar
South Asia After The Nuclear Tests : Securing Insecurity

59―73 Zhengyuan YANG
Coping with financial vulnerabilities in China : Lessons from Japan and prospects for future Reform


75―89 Shunji MATSUOKA / Kazuma MURAKAMI / Reishi MATSUMOTO
Economic growth and CO2emissions in Asian countries : A focus on manufacturing industry and power industry

91―103 Reishi MATSUMOTO / Shunji MATSUOKA / Hiromi OKADA / Ikuho KOCHI
Economic analysis of the behavior of pollution control by a private company

105―117 Yuki MINEKAWA
A study of communication breakdown repair in seminar discourse : From the viewpoint of collaborative dialogue

119―132 Takefumi MOKUDAI
The estimation of experience curves in the auto parts industry in Japan

133―144 Tatsuo KIMBARA
Alternative growth of Asian SMEs

145―158 Don NILES
Polynesian Hymns in Papua : The Synthesis of a Christian Educational Tool and Local Creative Expression

159―175 Yoriyasu SUGIE / Junyi ZHANG / Akimasa FUJIWARA
Dynamic travel demand models incorporating un observed heterogeneity and First-order serial correlation

177―196 Eusebio Villar ANGARA / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI / Kunito NEHIRA
wenty-one Years Post-fire Succession in a Small Watershed on Etajima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, Southwestern Japan

197―209 Takuya BABA / Hideki IWASAKI
Redefinition of Literacy Towards EFA Era : Focusing on the Mathematics Education

211―221 TAO Ran
A Hard Nut to Crack? : English passive structures for Japanese and Chinese learners of English

223―238 Maki SHIMIZU / Haruhiko TANAKA
The Status of Environmental Education in Sweden : A Comparative Study between Sweden and Japan


239―254 Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI / Kiyose ISHII / Teruo HASHII
Water pollution and its recovery in the Naktong-gang river, Korea

255―268 Don NILES
An attempt at surveying musical knowledge among Hiroshima University students

269―287 Xiu Li FAN
A report on an investigation of the funeral ceremony of the Yi society in Da Liangshan China


(Research Notes)
286―306 Aya SASAKI
International understanding of Japanese and their views towards foreign countries : With special reference to historical research on philosophy of education for international understanding in Japan

307―315 Akihiro YAMASHITA
Identities of Lao in Thailand and Laos

317―334 Ben Perkasa DRAJAT
The Sources of Indonesian President Soeharto's Contradicting Attitude in the APEC and NAM in the Mid 1990s


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