IDEC Journal Vol.9 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.9 No.1 September,2002

IDEC Journal Vol.9 No.2 March,2002

1―22 Pam RAJPUT
Women and Globalisation: Is Microcredit the Answer?


23―28 Yi HUANG / Kimio SAITO / Masahiro USAMI
A study on antifouling technique through seawater electrolyzing reaction on ship hull surface

29―41 Sitha CHHINH / Yoshinori TABATA
Teacher Factors and Mathematics Achievement of Cambodian Urban Primary School Pupils

43―63 Manjeshwori SINGH / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Contribution of biogas technology in well-being of rural hill areas of Nepal : A comparative study between biogas users and non-users

65―87 Rashid ABDULLAH / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Critical elements of supplier development in the Malaysian automobile industry : Parts and components procurement and supplier development Practice at Proton


89―100 Noriyuki KAWANO / Yasuyuki TAOOKA / Nobuo TAKEICHI / Chieko KOBATAKE / Yoshihiro NOSO / Masaharu HOSHI
International Medical Cooperation for the Radiation Exposed Population (Hibakusha) in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan : A Challenge from Hiroshima, the City of the World's First Atomic Bombing


(Research Notes)
101―117 Vladimir ROUVINSKI / Masatsugu MATSUO
The Clash of Mythsa Review of The Value of the Past : Myths, Identity and Politics in Transcaucasiaby Victor A. Shnirelman


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