IDEC Journal Vol.10 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.10 No.1 September,2003

IDEC Journal Vol.10 No.2 March,2004

1―11 Fenghui YANG / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
Alien plant invasion in water systems in Shanghai, China


13―27 Hyunjung, LIM / Kanetaka, FUKAMI
A contrastive study on politeness of the reference terms for the third person and the predicates in Japanese and Korean

29―47 Yi-ting Tseng
On the use of the Japanese personal pronouns by the Taiwanese learners of Japanese focusing on the first personal pronouns

49―65 JIN Long
On the relative order of the subject in quotative expressions in Japanese : On the basis of modern Japanese novels and their Korean translations

A comparative analysis of academic staff's academic performance between autonomous and public universities in Thailand

83―98 Lianhua Sun
On Tongmu from the perspective of social linguistics : With A focus on its uses in the literary works by Korean Chinese writers

99―119 Juan Carlos RECIO BUCARDO / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Participation of National Civil Society Organizations in the Policy Process : A Case Study of CONPES as a Venue in Nicaragua

121―150 Haridhan GOSWAMI
Everyday forms of discrimination experienced by the minority : An exploratory study in a village in Bangladesh


151―161 Shin-etsu MASAMOTO
An investigation into project content and evaluation of international cooperationin the field of physical education and sport in Lao


(Research Notes)
163―178 Kaori OKABE
Swedish international development in basic education and its evaluation

179―191 Jeongbo SHIM
Pestalozzi's educational thought and local Community geography education in the national schools of the Ministry of Education and the Chosen Governor Seat

193―208 Ashoke Kumar GHOSH / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Development of dairy cooperative and its impacts on milk production and household income : A study on Bangladesh milk producers' cooperative union limited


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