IDEC Journal Vol.11 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.11 No.1 January,2005

IDEC Journal Vol.11 No.1 January,2005

1―9 Zhichao SUN / Xiaoli DU / Chunfu SHAO
Evaluating Environmental Impacts of Major Road Network Improvement in Beijing Based on a Combined Traffic Demand and Vehicle Emission Model

11―30 Sudarmanto Budi Nugroho / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Junyi ZHANG
Evaluating the Effects of a New Vehicle Emission Standard on Urban Air Quality in Jakarta City

31―49 Metin SENBIL / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Junyi ZHANG
Dynamic Process Model of Social Capacity Development for Environmental Management

51―65 Junyi ZHANG / Akimasa FUJIWARA / M. Renato M. DA CRUZ
Social Capacity Indicators for Environmental Management: a Case Study in Transport Sector Using Macro-Level Data

67―86 Junyi ZHANG / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Metin SENBIL / Chunfu SHAO / Jifu GUO
Measuring Capacity Indicators of Civil Society for Environmental Management in Beijing Based on an Attitudinal Survey

87―96 Keming MA / Liang ZHOU / Shukui NIU / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
Beijing Urbanization in the Past 18 Years

97―109 Fanhua KONG / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
Changes of Urban Green Spaces and Their Driving Forces: a Case Study of Jinan City, China

111―122 Soedarsono Riswan / Themy Kendra Putra / Nurul Jannah
Jakarta Green Open Areas and Its Challenges


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