IDEC Journal Vol.13 No.1

IDEC Journal Vol.13, No.1 March 2007

1―9 Christopher HAAMBOKOMA
Nature and Causes of Learning Difficulties in Genetics at High School Level in Zambia


11―27 Masaru ICHIHASHI
TFP and Production Factors over the Post-War Period in Japan's Macro Economy

29―37 Tatsuo KIMBARA / Hidemichi FUJII / Shinji KANEKO
Environmental Behavior of Japanese Firms and its Relationship with Economic and Environmental Performance : The Test of Porter Hypothesis

39―60 Francisco A. MAGNO
Environmental Capacity and Decentralized Governance in the Philippines

61―78 Eutiquio L. ROTAQUIO, JR. / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI / Ronaldo L. ROTAQUIO
Species Composition of Mangrove Forests in Aurora, Philippines : A Special Reference to the Presence of Kandelia Candel (L.) Druce

79―87 Ana PEREZ-KUROKI / Yoshiyuki ISOZAKI / Akira KIKUCHI / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
Application of Asian Environment Simulator (AES) to Environmental Assessment in Haji River Watershed

89―107 Ana PEREZ-KUROKI / Yoshiyuki ISOZAKI / Akira KIKUCHI / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
High Resolution Stream Network in Haji Dam Watershed

109―117 Ahmad Darobin LUBIS / Hajime KUMAGAI
Effects of Cattle Barnyard Compost and Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on Yield and Chemical Composition of Maize (Zea mays L.) and Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) in Double Cropping System

119―130 Mohammed HAGGAG
Atmosphere, Land Surface, Hydrology, Ocean Wave, and Ocean Current Model (ALHOM) in Asia Environmental Simulator

131―151 Sharapiya B. KAKIMOVA
Capacity Building for Stable Government: Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Afghanistan

153―164 Kusumi Vasantha DHANAPALA
Focus on Language Learning Strategies of Advanced Learners in Japan and Sri Lanka

165―186 Yusuke BESSHO
A Study of Religious Revival in the Context of Modern Tibetan Pilgrimage : The Relation between Buddhism Tradition and Popular Ritual under the Open Policy in China

187―208 Arun KHATRI-CHHETRI / Narendra Mangal JOSHI / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Intervention on Livelihood Management through Community-Based Organizations : Evidence from Rural Nepal

209―230 Niraj Prakash JOSHI / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Assessment of Food Self-Sufficiency and Food Security Situation in Nepal

231―252 Narendra Mangal JOSHI / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Institutional Changes in Forest Resource Management and Change in Forest Coverage in Nepal


(Research Notes)
253―259 Takao YAMASHITA
Asian Environment Simulator


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