IDEC Journal Vol.15 No.1-2

IDEC Journal Vol.15 No.1-2

1―17 Takao YAMASHITA
Computational Disaster Prevention Study for Storm Surges


19―46 Boga Thura MANATSHA / Keshav Lall MAHARAJAN
‘Fancy Figures and Ugly Facts’ in Botswana's Rapid Economic Growth

47―63 Mohammed HAGGAG / Takao YAMASHITA
Environmental Simulator Application to the Analysis of the Tropical Cyclone of Gonu in 2007

65―74 Do Hoang NGAN / Akiko KOBAYASHI
A Research on the Image of an "Outstanding" Teacher of Japanese : From the Vietnamese Students' Point of View

75―93 Kingsley Chukwuelozie ILOBA
Reconstituting Democratic Governance Arrangements in Liberia : Re-examining A Framework of Peace-building

95―112 Yuko MIZUNO
Role of Ritual in Master-Disciple Relationship in Islamic Saintship : With Special Reference to Dance Ritual "Dhamal" at the Death-Anniversary of a Saint in Lahore Pakistan

113―124 Mustafa Edwin NASUTION
Islamic Spirit and Moral in Economics

125―140 Takuto IKEYA
Lesson Analysis of Mathematics at Upper Basic Education in Zambia : Focusing on Verbal Interaction between Teacher and Students

141―165 Arno Adi KUNTORO / Ade WAHYU / Takao YAMASHITA
The Effect of Deforestation on Regional Terrestrial Carbon Balance : A Case Study of Kalimantan Island


167―184 Chikara KINONE
Current Status and Challenge of Teacher's Group Meeting in Zambian In-Service Training System SPRINT


(Research Notes)
185―203 Luni PIYA / Keshav Lall MAHARAJAN
Protracted People's War in Nepal : An Analysis from the Perspective of Azar's Theory of Protracted Social Conflict

205―212 Rokeya BEGUM
Comparison between the Mathematics Syllabuses of 1975 and 1995 in Bangladesh

213―228 Yoshiaki FURUZAWA
Assisting the Polices Forces of Fragile and Transitional Countries : Linking the Police Reform, SSR, and Peacebuilding

229―237 Tomoaki KOMAKUCHI / Toyoaki MISHIMA / Takao YAMASHITA / LEE Han Soo / Mohammed HAGGAG
Industry-University Cooperation Study for Practical Use of Regeonal Environment Simulator


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