【Seminar report】The 364th IDEC Seminar

February 27, 2017, 18:10-19:40 IDEC Small Conference Room, number of participants 21

Prof. Surugu Mizunoya, Chinese University of Hong Kong, came to Hiroshima University to share his international career experience. He introduced his experience working as a Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Vanuatu, mentioning about unique aspects of society, culture, and custom in Vanuatu. Such experience became an essential asset for him to understand the context of developing countries and continued help him to work in the field of international development cooperation. In Zimbabwe, Syria, and Iraq, he provided technical supports to governments using quantitative analytical skills including estimation of Out-Of-School Children (OOSC) and the economic impact of school dropout due to Syria crisis that explains the significance of education even in fragile nations. Based on his experience in UNICEF, he explained the idea of “negative rights”, which means the human rights that nobody restrain you, is based on common nature of human being. He also pointed out that in the process of developing societies, children’s voice must be heard by policy makers. Finally, during the Q&A session, he suggested “Make whatever actions (improving English or doing internships) not just wondering in your mind” in order to get closer to your dream.

(Kazuro Shibuya, Development of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies)