379th IDEC seminar report and JASID Hiroshima Branch seminar

17:30-18:45, November 15th, 2017,  Venue:  IDEC Large conference room

number of participants: 40


Dr. Mai Seki, research fellow, JICA Research Institute, shared the results from a field experiment that tests the effectiveness of the globally popular Kumon learning method in improving the cognitive and non-cognitive abilities of disadvantaged pupils in Bangladesh. This is a joint intervention between Kumon and BRAC, a prominent NGO in Bangladesh with support from JICA. Dr. Seki explained the results carefully for participants to understand the research design and the significance of findings. Questions were raised from the floor whether this intervention is applicable to government public schools as BRAC Primary schools are different from them. As Japan aims at exporting so called ‘Japan brand’ to overseas countries in various sectors, it becomes more critical to buttress the significance of interventions with rigorous evidences like today’s presentation. For those who are interested in more details of the research, please refer to the following link.


https://www.jica.go.jp/jica-ri/publication/ workingpaper/wp_156.html


Kazuro Shibuya, Development of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies