Completion in September 2011

Division of Development Science

・Analysis of Paratransit Usage and Its Driver's Living Situation in Developing World

・Environmental Assessment Studies on Tropical Forest Carbon Management and Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Simulation

・Household Welfare Impacts of Electricity Subsidy Regime Shift in Indonesia

・Changes in CO2 Emissions from Energy Consumption in Brazil: Determinants and Policy Implications

・Urban Municipal Solid Waste Recovery through Regional Collaborative Research between Malaysia and Japan as Alternative to Landfill Dependency

・Achieving Ethical Behavior through Human Resource Development for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Thai Local Firms

・Remote Sensing Applications for Precision Farming: Site Specific Grazing Management in Fine Scale Pasture

・Urban Heat Islands in the Capital Area of China: Analyzing the Environmental Significance of Urban Green Spaces

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

・The Land Question in Post-Colonial Botswana: The Case of North East District

・Poverty and Climate Change in Nepal: Poverty Analysis in Far-Western Rural Hills

・Study on Livestock Products Consumption in Indonesia: A Case Study of Java