Completion in September 2015

Division of Development Science

・ A Study on Forest Permits and Deforestation in Indonesia

・ Effects of Land Use and Transport on Quality of Life: A Life-oriented Behavioral Analysis

・ Impact of Energy Efficiency Improvement on Productivity in Indonesia Manufacturing Sector

・ Policy Analysis of MRT Development Impacts on Commuting Mode Choice

・ Understanding Interdependency Between Residential and Travel Choice Behavior in the Context of a Developing City

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

・ Primary Science Education Using Two Languages, Bicol and Filipino:
The Case of Bicol Speaking Students in the Bicol Region, Philippines

・ Agricultural Production According to Land Tenure Arrangements in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Basail Upazila

・ Multiple Indicators of School Effectiveness in Rural Malawi: A Multilevel Event History Analysis

・ Practicing Peace in the Indigenous Context: A Study on Three Villages of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh

・ Sustainability of Organic Farming Compared to Conventional Farming in Chitwan District of Nepal

・ 算数・数学教育における多様な価値観に取り組む力の育成に関する研究