Completion in September 2017

Division of Development Science

・Energy-saving Modifications Through Passive Cooling for Urban Houses in Hot-humid Climate of Malaysia

・Urban Climate Challenges in Growing Cities of Southeast Asia: Urban Heat Islands and Global Warming

・Determination of Bioactive Substances in Fagaceous Plants

・Involvement of Phenolics in Allelopathy and Submergence Tolerance of Rice(Oryza sativa L.)

・Neighborhood Planning based on Self-Containment: A Perspective of Travel Behavior with Social Network

・Transport-based Social Exclusion and its Implications for Urban Policy

・Application of Multiscale Remote Sensing and Simulation Modeling for Precision Forage Crop Management

・Cooperative Institutionalization of Conflict Prevention in Regional Subsystem: A Case Study of West Africa

・Women's Empowerment and Participatory Development: A Case of Women's Organization in Pakistan


Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

・A Study of Indigenous Knowledge in the Context of Urbanization and Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal


・The Rise of Private School Markets and Parental Choice: Cases from Dhaka, Bangladesh and Delhi, India

・現代日本語の「受身・可能・自発・尊敬」表現におけるジャンル間の使用状況の相違に関する研究 -助動詞「(ラ)レル」を軸に-