Completion in September 2019

Division of Development Science

Collective Action among Small-Scale Farmers: Impact Evaluation and Randomized Conjoint Analysis on Green Tea Farmers in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Reciprocity of Rural Households through Transactions in a Developing Country: A Case Study from Lao PDR

Essays on International Trade, Vertical Linkages, and Trade Agreements

Impacts of Information Provision on Preferences for Infrastructures and Public Services Improvements: Randomized Conjoint Field Experiments in Indonesia

Electrification with Solar PV Technology and its Implication to Educational Outcome: Empirical Evidences from South Asia

Roles of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Matters of Measure: Applied Econometrics in the African and Asian Education Context

Essays on Transportation and Trade Policies

Firm Productivity and Its Determinants in Vietnam

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Properties of Momilactones A and B

Study on the Chemical Constituents from Tridax procumbens L., Piper cubeba Bojer, and Piper nigrum L. in Indonesia and their Biological Activity

Quantifying the Influences of Human Factors on Safety Improvement in Marine, Aviation and Road Systems

Changing Positions of Key Stakeholders in the Peace Process of Burma/Myanmar: To Overcome Key Barriers Impeding Peace and Development

Pre-History of National Identity Development in Poland: From the Standpoint of the First Religious Freedom Ever in Europe

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

Resistance Sociality in the Shahbag Movement: A Critical Understanding of Social Media, Sociality and Resistance in Bangladesh

"Safeguarding-Governmentality" of the Cultural Heritage: Democratising, Conserving, and Representing the Past(s) of Bangladesh