Completion in March 2020

- Doctoral  Dissertations -

Division of Development Science

Agricultural Production, Irrigation and Interdependency through Transactions in Rural Village: Evidence from Developing Countries

Trade Agreements, Investment Treaties, and International Integration

The Role of International Cooperation: Motives and Consequences of Regional Trade Agreements

Rural Households' Behaviors towards Sustainable Rural Development in Vietnam


Behavioral Analysis of Individual Mobilities Based on Life-oriented Approach

Isolation and Evaluation of Biological Activities of Compounds from Cordyceps militaris (L.) Link Fruiting Body

Peace Education in Hiroshima: Case Study of a Female High School

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

The Role of Religious Leaders in Pilgrimage Tourism: A Case Study of Gunungpring Sacred Graveyard in Indonesia

Disaster, Resettlement and Vulnerability: A Case Study of Indigenous People in the Bicol Region of the Philippines

Factors Affecting Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture in Central and Western Tarai of Nepal

Research towards a Principle for the Statistics Curriculum in Japan from the Perspective of Context

The Effectiveness of Computer Simulations for Improving Indonesian Junior High School Students' Conceptual Understanding of Light and Optical Instruments

International Education (IE) at High School Level in Indonesia: Globalization, Nationalization and Individualization

The Development of an Instrument to Measure Indonesian Teachers' Attitudes toward Inclusive Education

Identifying Mathematics Teacher Educators' Professional Learning and Issues in Lesson Study Approach in Laos