Completion in September, 2020


- Doctoral Dissertations -


Division of Development Science

  • Essays on Financial Activities and Industrial Change: The Study Case in Vietnam
  • Essays on Information and Communication Technology, Poverty, Environment, and Corruption
  • Post-Training Interventions for Transfer of Training
  • Essays on Indonesia Household Consumption: Assessing SDGs through Individual Household Perspective
  • Remote Sensing of Mangrove Forest Dynamics in the Sundarbans

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

  • Critical Thinking Skills in Environmental Education among Secondary Level Students of Bangladesh
  • A Study on Reformation Process of Qawmi Madrasas in Bangladesh: Focus on English Subject
  • STEM Education for the Crucial Thinking Skills in Indonesian Science Education
  • Community Participation in School Management Toward Educational Outcomes in Ghana: From the Perspective of Relational Trust
  • Possibilities and Constraints of Flexible Citizenship in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization: A Case Study of Japanese-Filipinos