Completion in March, 2021


- Doctoral Dissertations -


Division of Development Science

  • Essays of Aid Effectiveness in Developing Countries
  • Effects of MNU Mutation on Productivity, Grain Quality and Allelopathic Potential of Rice             
  • Organised Distrust and Indigenous Identity: Maintaining Self-Determination in Cherán, Mexico

Division of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies

  • Newcomer Agroecological Farmers in Japan and Italy: Examining Scaling Processes for Sustainability Transitions in Agri-food Systems                        
  • Agricultural Credit, its Impact, and Farmers' Preferences in Rural Afghanistan               
  • A Study on the Relationship between Upper Secondary School Track and Post-Secondary Aspiration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Majors in Cambodia  
  • A Proposed Framework for a Post-secondary Education Program for Students with Intellectual Disability at a University in Saudi Arabia: Program Components, Organization, and Evaluation
  • Counteracting Civil Intelligentsia of Bangladesh: An Understanding through the Relational Social Movements  
  • 現代中国の高等教育における愛国者育成に関する研究―大陸外中国人の学生に焦点を当てて―                
  • Development of an Ethnomathematics Curriculum through Emergent Modelling in an Indonesian Primary School              
  • Enhancement of Cultural Mathematics Understanding Using a Bridging Framework between Informal and Formal Mathematics at Secondary Education in Aceh                       
  • Conceptualizing Pre-service Mathematics Teachers' Knowledge for Teaching Probability in Egypt from the Perspective of Probabilistic Reasoning