completion in March 2023

ーDoctoral Dissertations-

Division of Development Science

  • Determinants of Health among Women and Children in Nepal: Three Pillars of Sustainable Development Perspectives
  • A Study on Mindfulness: The Role of Awareness and Acceptance
  • Sense of Place in Culturally Vulnerable Areas: Case Studies of Asian Towns

Division of Educational Development and cultural and Regional Studies

  • イスラエルにおける共生社会実現に向けたNGO諸団体の教育活動―ユダヤ人とパレスチナ・アラブ人の接触・非接触に着目して―
  • 頭脳流出・流入と母国への貢献意識に関する研究-エジプトと日本におけるスーダン人高度人材の「スーダニーズネス」に着目して-
  • Factor affecting Cambodian Upper Secondary School Female Students' Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Careers Choice
  • Effectiveness of In-on-in Professional Development in Inclusive Education for Inclusive Kindergarten Principals in Indonesia