The 12th Short Field Visit was held successfully

The 12th Short Field Visit was held successfully

The 12th short field visit was conducted from the14th to the 16th of March, 2016. Nine people, including both program students as well as faculty and teaching staff visited the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and Chiyoda Technol Corporation.

On the morning of the 14th, they visited the JAEA Nuclear Emergency Assistance & Training Center to observe among other things the emergency response center and a mobile whole body counter. In the afternoon, they moved to the JAEA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, and learned about MOX fuel reprocessing technology at the reprocessing plant. At the geological disposal research facility, they obtained knowledge about the geological disposal of high level radioactive waste.

On the 15th the group visited the JAEA Oarai R&D Center to observe the Joyo (experimental fast reactor), the HTTR (High Temperature engineering Testing Reactor), and the JMTR (Japan Materials Testing Reactor). They were briefed on the specific principles and characteristics of each of these three research reactors.

On the 16th, they visited the Chiyoda Technol Corporation. At their Onukidai facility, the participants observed the production line of glass badges (for personal dosimeters) and the dosimetry line. They also visited the Oarai Research Center to observe and learn about the calibration of radiation measuring equipment and the various calibration methods.

Participating students stated that it was an especially unique experience to see inside reactor containers and the central control room. Some also mentioned that the observation helped them to deepen their overall understanding of nuclear reactors.

JAEA Nuclear Emergency Assistance & Training Center Chiyoda Technol Corporation