Student Symposium Community-oriented tourism in Mitarai, Seto Inland Sea was held

Taoyaka Program and Kure city government held a student symposium on August 25th as a conclusive presentation of the Onsite Training conducted in Mitarai district, Yutaka-machi, Kure-city between August 17th and 25th. There was also a panel discussion session in the symposium and around 80 people attended the symposium.

Participants of the Onsite Training are graduate students from 4 institutions in India (IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani, and IIM Ahmedabad), The University of Texas at Austin, and Doshisha University as well as Taoyaka Program students. The entire group consist of 33 participants from total 7 institutions. Participants were divided into groups with multinational group members and worked together to make suggestions of tourism development in depopulating Mitarai district while staying there. At the conclusive presentation, students made a wide range of suggestions such as collecting tourists' information using free Wi-Fi and smartphone apps or repurposing town people's daily activities into tourist activities.

Panel discussion was themed as “Community Planning in Beautiful with Nature, Culture and History”. Professor Fujiwara, the moderator of the symposium, Professor Nakagoshi, Professor Cheer and Professor Emeritus Pangtora, they talked about natural environment of Seto Inrand, a global trend of tourism development of islands, sustainable tourism and economy. Also, Mr. Kazuo Omori, Manager of Planning Division of Kure city, Ms. Kayo Shimomura, Manager of Tourism Promotion Division of Kure city, Assistant Professor Rie Usui and 3 students joined the talks and they discussed the sustainable tourism business in islands. In their opinion, viewing the tourism policy from a point of view, which enhanced the satisfaction of local people is needed and it would attract tourists more. Also, they discussed the importance of the approach considered broad-area economic zones.
Additionally, they discussed the scientific technology required to Hiroshima University, such as autonomous driving or digital preservation of cultural properties and social contribution.

At the closing remarks, Mr. Shinhara, the Mayer of Kure city mentioned that he draws on opinion from multinationals and experts to future town development and hope to Hiroshima University.


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