About Chemical Engineering

Development of innovative production process, fine separation & materials recycling process, Design of advanced & novel materials 

 Through the development of innovative production systems, fine separation and materials recycling processes, as well as design of advanced and novel materials, the Chemical Engineering Program cultivates advanced chemical engineers who learn to overcome problems with the global environment, energy and material resources, and strive to build a more sustainable society.

   The program provides advanced education in chemical engineering organized on the basis of physical, chemical and biological principles in the transfer, conversion and cycling of materials and energy. In particular, while considering environmental, energy and material resource issues all under the a concept of eco-friendly chemistry”, we challenge the development of innovative technologies for energy production and its effective use, for system design in the synthesis of chemical substances, for the creation of new functional materials, and for overcoming environmental problems caused by human activities. 

   The Chemical Engineering Program consists of eight laboratories: Thermal-Fluid-Materials Engineering, High-Pressure Fluid Property, Polymer Technology, Separation Technology, Fine Particle Technology, Interfacial System Process Engineering, Sustainable Materials Process Engineering, and Green Process Engineering. In a spirit of cooperation, we conduct state-of-the-art research on the development of advanced nano- and macro-scale chemical processes based on nano-, supercritical fluid, polymer gel, separation, fine particle, and environmental technologies.

   The program provides educational studies on the development of novel materials and advanced processes to enhance one’s knowledge of chemical engineering in order to overcome environmental, energy, and resource issues and help build a more sustainable society. One finally, we foster highly specialized engineers and researchers who will be able to flexibly and comprehensively deal with global and complex issues in industry and the environment from both macro and micro views.