Doctoral program students attended a research forum at the Education University of Hong Kong

Five doctoral program students from the Graduate School of Education participated in a forum titled “International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum cum Summer School 2016” hosted by the Education University of Hong Kong from the 1st to the 5th of July, 2016. This unique student-led forum was designed and organized “for and by students” in association with 16 universities mainly in Asia, drawing as many as 350 participants from 14 countries and regions this year. This is the 4th time that our university has participated, and our students have been working on the project since the planning phase as members of the organizing committee’s branch in Japan.

Hong Kong summer school

At the forum, prominent professors gave engaging lectures and panels under the theme of “Building Effective Student-Supervisor Relationships” to discuss the perspectives that both supervisors and students should have and how they should act respectively in order to forge a good relationship. The importance of close communication was also emphasized. A roundtable was also held by professors and students with the theme of “Internationalization of Postgraduate Education.” In this session, students shared their views and such information as what they learned from their own experiences as foreign students and through opportunities to study abroad offered by their own universities. In addition, several workshops were conducted focusing on topics considered vital for postgraduates, including academic writing, how to ask research questions wisely, and know-how on publishing in academic journals. Students listened to these lectures earnestly.

Research presentation sessions were facilitated by students during the event and HU students also presented their research outcomes, exchanged their views with other students, and moderated a session; all of which allowed them to accumulate valuable experience. In their free time, students had the chance to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History, to learn about the culture and history of the city, and also enjoyed cultural exchanges with local students. Those experiences made their five day stay very fruitful and unforgettable.

Hong Kong summer school