The 10th Overseas Teaching Practicum by Graduate Students in Elementary/Secondary Schools in the United States

Hiroshima University Global Partnership School Center (GPSC) has been holding an overseas teaching practicum annually for education-major graduate students to develop globally-minded future teachers.  This project is assigned as an elective subject in the curriculum of the Graduate School of Education and started in 2006.  So far nearly 100 students have joined in the teaching practicum in the US.  This year eight students and five faculty participated in teaching in three local elementary/middle schools in Greenville, NC, supported by Dr. Sandra Warren, professor at East Carolina University, which is a partnership university under a Mutual Exchange Agreement with Hiroshima University. Teaching by Japanese students was regarded by local media, TV and newspapers, and in particular, one lesson regarding traditional Japanese footwear, Geta, was covered by The Daily Reflector, a local newspaper, with a title "Students 'geta' kick out of Japan".  Discussion with local school teachers further helped to broaden young Japanese teachers’ global awareness, understanding of Japanese culture, and confidence in teaching in English.