Message from the Dean

Yoshihisa Suzuki, Dean


The graduate school where you can learn economics at that level at Hiroshima University is the Department of Economics, one of three graduate courses in the area of social sciences.

Although the principal objective in traditional graduate schools is the training of university faculty, students recently entering graduate school have diverse objectives beyond just a focus on specialized research. Today, graduates of graduate schools join private companies, work as public servants, find jobs in research fields, and pursue related interests. Many graduate students find their way to rewarding careers after achieving higher accomplishments.

In addition to traditional courses for training researchers and special entrance examinations, we have prepared special courses to accommodate multiple requests from students. One is a specialized master's course with fewer subjects on entrance examinations. Another is an examination for selected candidates. In addition, you might take the Phoenix entrance examination, for which you submit a short essay and sit for an interview to explain your motivations. It is also possible to complete the final term of the doctoral course entirely in English, and we offer an entrance exam for special selection for international students. Our staff members provide considerate care for your research activities in the style of individualized instruction to support you in completing your master's thesis. Incidentally, night classes are also available, although not on a very large scale, on the Higashi-Senda campus in Hiroshima City to accommodate the educational needs of working students.

Hiroshima University has been chosen as a "Top Global University (top-class)" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Top Global University Project for its world-class educational research. A top-class university is one that conducts global-level research and has the potential to become one of the top 100 universities worldwide. Nationwide, 13 such universities have received this designation. Our institution aims to ensure that, in the future, the majority students will have obtained a TOEIC score of 730 points or higher.

Join us and enhance your academic development and make the preparations you need to improve your career as a professional and as a researcher.