The 7th Phoenix Leader Education Program seminar 2015 was held successfully

The 7th Phoenix Leader Education Program seminar 2015

In the 7th Phoenix Leader Education Program (PLEP) seminar of 2015, Dr. Naoyuki Yamamoto (Nuclear safety research association), gave a lecture on January 12th entitled “Corresponding to medical treatment in nuclear disaster, - How the education and training should be -.”

The PELP seminars are held regularly for the purpose of disseminating information about the activities of our program by providing open classes and lectures to Hiroshima University students, faculty and staff.

More than 20 people, including PLEP graduate students, attended the seminar and contributed to a lively learning environment.

In his lecture, Dr. Yamamoto talked about the history of and the countermeasures for radiation disasters. Using photos to explain several table top exercises, the lecturer and students mimicked certain activities conducted at the nuclear safety research association, such as rescue operations utilizing an actual nuclear power plant facility and exercises for transporting injured workers.

During the Q & A session, there was a question about which comes first, treatment of radiation exposure or treatment of injuries for trauma patients severely exposed to radiation. This provided an excellent opportunity for those involved to discuss with Dr. Yamamoto, in depth emergency medical responses given this scenario. It was a very practical and useful seminar for everyone who took part.