Central Clinical Facilities

Medical Care 

Dental Care 


  • Division of Medical Informatics and Systems Management
  • AIDS Care Team Office
  • Patient Support Center
  • Division of Patient Safety
  • Division of Infection Control
  • Supply Processing and Distribution(SPD) Center
  • Division of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • High Care Unit
  • Division of Advanced Medicine
  • Division of Comprehensive Medicine
  • Division of Nutrition Management
  • Nutritional Support Team Unit
  • Medical Hirstory Control Center
  • Risk Management Unit
  • Fukushima Medical Support Center 
  • Woman doctor Support Center
  • Division of Evaluation for highly Advanced Medical Technology
  • Division of Evalutation for Unapproved Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Liver Disease Consultation Office
  • Division of International Medical Support

Education and Research

  • Clinical Research Center in Hiroshima
  • Postgraduate Clinical Training and Educational Center
  • Postgraduate Clinical Training Center
  • Dental Clinical Training Center
  • Nursing Education and Training Center
  • Center for the Education of Futuristic Global Medical Professionals
  • Endoscopy Training Center