Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit

The Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit provides cancer chemotherapy such as antitumor medicine on an outpatient basis. For safe and accurate administration of antitumor medicine to patients, the doctors, pharmacists and nurses of the Department of Medical Oncology perform chemotherapy for all the medical departments.

To provide safe and comfortable treatment for patients, we conduct orientation prior to outpatient chemotherapy (regarding the treatment details, the time required, adverse reactions and everyday precautions, cost, etc.). In addition, we regularly hold conferences and study sessions on medical service based on specialized knowledge and technology.

The Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit is equipped with eight beds and 20 reclining chairs (a total of 28 units) installed in a spacious room. We try to make the environment comfortable with BGM to allow patients to receive therapy in a relaxing atmosphere. The total number of patients treated in our unit exceeded 12000 in 2018.