Center of Maternal-Fetal/Neonatal Medicine

Our center has an NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) with six beds and a GCU (Growing Care Unit) with six beds, and is designated as the Regional Center of Maternal-Fetal/Neonatal Medicine.

Patients treated here are infants with a variety of illnesses including infants with premature respiration, circulation or feeding function as well as neonates referred from both in and outside Hiroshima Prefecture, infants with a blood disease or malignant tumor, and infants who have been diagnosed with a congenital disease by prenatal testing at our Department of Clinical and Molecular Genetics.

The aim of our treatment is “survival without any aftereffects,” and we try to provide medical service based on family-centered care. We also place emphasis on continuous involvement with patients including follow-up after their discharge from hospital.