Division of Special Dental Treatment

Speech rehabilitation

The Speech Rehabilitation Clinic in the Division of Special Dental Treatment conducts assessment and rehabilitation for the improvement of communication capacity. As a feature of the clinic belonging to the Department of Dentistry, we see many patients with pronunciation problems caused by oral conditions after surgery for oral cavity cancer or cleft lip and palate. Speech appliances to be worn in the mouth such as speech aids are available. By cooperating with orthodontists (who treat misalignment of the upper and lower sets of teeth), pediatric dentists, and dentists of special care dentistry, we offer comprehensive treatment to our patients. Furthermore, we introduced electropalatography (EPG) in 2006 and STARS in 2013. We observe the contact of the tongue and palate visually when the patient is speaking and aim at accurate and rapid improvement of pronunciation.

Chewing and swallowing outpatient

We offer assessment and rehabilitation of patients’ chewing and swallowing (gulping) capacities. We also perform videoendoscopic examinations and videofluorography of swallowing.