Division of Clinical Radiology

Our division is one of the Central Clinical Facilities of Hiroshima University Hospital and consists of two major sections: diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. Since the time of opening of the clinical ward, the section of diagnostic imaging has evolved into the Diagnostic Imaging Center on the first basement level, enabling the performance of all general imaging, CT, MR, and fluoroscopy at the same site, shortening the flow line of patients and making testing procedures more patient-friendly. Angiography is performed in the IVR, where we can prepare for special treatment such as TAVI.

We provide front-line radiotherapy as a only designated cancer care hospital in Hiroshima Prefecture, and we also address the educational center of human resources as a well-organized radiotherapy team, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists and radiotherapy nurses.

Our division manages radiology (facilities, apparatuses, and exposure) within the university Hospital collectively and deals with radiation emergency medicine actively as an Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center and a Nuclear Emergency Medical Support Center to provide safe and secure for radiation emergency.