Dental Laboratory

Introduction of the center

1. Production of dental prosthesis
    Dental technicians belong to the Central Dental Laboratory, make crown, bridge, CAD/CAM crown, denture and structure of implant etc. for patients.

2. Production of three-dimensional structure model for dental field and medical field
    We dental technicians of this laboratory offer 3D structure models for not only dentists but also medical doctors. Accurate 3D structures of a diseased  site in each patient enable them to select an appropriate therapeutic method, and to do rehearsals for the operation with medical staffs. Thus, effective use of 3D structure models enable doctors to accomplish accurate and safer surgery, and to shorten surgical time.

Process of making CAD/CAM crown

     Computer Aided Design            Computer Aided Manufacturing          completed CAD/CAM crown

              (CAD)                                            (CAM)

Process of making 3D models

making model by 3D printer          completed 3D model                 The applications of 

                                                                                                 the technique to constructed 

                                                                                                 medical field:kidney 3D model