Fukushima Medical Support Center

Since immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in March 2011, Hiroshima University has continued to provide reconstruction support of the areas stricken by the disaster, focusing on medical support, for example, sending off a cumulative total of 1300 staff including a radiation emergency medical team and radiation experts to the affected areas as a tertiary radiation emergency medical institution which is the nation’s base for radiation emergency medical institution (currently designated a advanced radiation emergency medicine support center and nuclear disaster medical care/general support center).

The Fukushima Medical Support Center was set up in Hiroshima University Hospital to respond to requests for assistance from physicians from Fukushima Medical University for improvement of the medical system in Fukushima Prefecture. The Center plays the role of coordinating the temporary transfer of the personnel.

Based on medical support operations requested by Fukushima Medical University, we try to contribute to improvement of the medical system in Fukushima Prefecture and cooperate in support for the reconstruction of Fukushima.