AIDS Care Team Office

Hiroshima University Hospital is the AIDS Core Base Hospital of the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. The AIDS Care Team Office, with doctors, nurses, clinical psychotherapists, caseworkers and clerks, provides comprehensive care to patients with HIV infection, conducts clinical studies on HIV/AIDS, and offers training workshops of various occupations at AIDS base hospitals and general (AIDS non-specialized) hospitals in the regions.

With regard to treatment for HIV/AIDS, we have conducted a team medicine approach with healthcare providers of various kinds since the 1980s. Recently, doctors from the Department of General Internal Medicine have also been participate in the team. We have abundant experience of treating congenital or acquired coagulation diseases. We have established a cooperative framework with the Department of Gastroenterology and Metabolism and the Department of Dermatology, especially for the care of victims with AIDS contracted from contaminated blood products.