Cancer Treatment Center

Hiroshima University Hospital is designated as a prefectural and regional designated cancer care hospital in Hiroshima Prefecture, and a pediatric cancer center hospital for the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. The Cancer Treatment Center serves as a center for all operations related to the aforementioned functions, intended to contribute to community healthcare through the spreading of standardized cancer treatment to all people, improvement of the environment to allow cancer patients and their family members to consent to receiving treatment, the arrangement of team medical practice, and training for medical personnel.

The center is divided into main core organizations related to adult cancer, palliative care, pediatric cancer, and adolescent and young adult (AYA) generation cancer, and enforces the supporting system throughout the hospital in cooperation with staff of other departments involved in support of patients with high-grade tumors that need treatment at each medical department.

In 2018, we established the Cancer Genomic Medicine Outpatient in the Division of Clinical Chemotherapy to select and provide medication most suitable for the characteristic of cancer in each patient.