Division of International Medical Support

Hiroshima University Hospital sets a goal to build a system that can provide medical services at international level. To achieve this goal, the Division of International Medical Support was established as one of the divisions in Central Clinical Facilities on May 1, 2020, so that we can have a network both within and outside of the hospital, develop the hospital environment, and enhance the system to provide reliable medical and staff support services.

To strengthen the system of accepting international patients, grasping the situation of international patients’ visits to our hospital is important. Thus, we maintain the information on “the number of visit,” “nationality,” “resident/nonresident,” “department consulted,” “outpatient/inpatient,” “emergency/nonemergency,” “visit route (whether or not through coordinator, US navy, etc.),” and “necessity of interpreter.” We request all international patients to inform their nationality in filling out a hospital application form.