Epilepsy Center

The Epilepsy Center cooperates with each medical department (including five fellows of the Japan Epilepsy Society and one part-time doctor), the Division of Laboratory Medicine, the Department of Clinical Practice and Support (including two certified technicians of the Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology), the Department of Nursing, the Department of Pharmaceutical Services, and social workers, to diagnose and treat patients with epilepsy appropriately.

We provide comprehensive therapy to patients with epileptic seizures that do not stop in spite of long-term treatment, or patients who are not yet diagnosed for certain as having epilepsy and are concerned with the diagnosis or treatment.
Video brainwave monitoring, magnetic encephalography, and other imaging tests (MRI, CT, SPECT, and PET) are performed at our center for diagnosis and comprehension of the disease state. Surgical therapy is also available for patients with refractory epilepsy.