Oral Implant Center

The Oral Implant Center has been established to study all cases to provide safer and more secure treatment based on the standardized protocol in cooperation with specialized departments with regard to dental implant treatment, which has been widely used as a treatment for loss of teeth, and to perform further advanced, more complicated implant treatment. Aiming to provide treatment based on test results, we treat patients comprehensively in cooperation with experts in the departments of oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics and operative dentistry, orthodontics, and prosthetic dentistry, based on test results of CT tests, metal allergy tests, blood tests, and saliva tests. Furthermore, we perform guided bone regeneration in the case that the bone lacks sufficient thickness or height, and orthodontic implants and bone-anchored device for wide edentulous areas, operations that have been introduced into the public health insurance system.