Kampo Clinical Center

Led by the Kampo Clinical Center Director, treatment is provided by Kampo specialists and doctors familiar with Kampo in the Departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry. The aim of our center is to conduct “inter-professional education and work (IPE & IPW)” with the fields of pharmacy, dentistry and health science on the axis of cross-sectional cooperation among related clinical departments to promote advanced Kampo therapy.

Through long years, only excellent prescriptions of Kampo have survived and won the confidence of people who believe that the prescriptions are “easy on the body” and “safe for long-term use.” Furthermore, current scientific investigation has gradually elucidated the effects of Kampo. Our center aims to combine such newly-obtained knowledge and the wisdom that has been handed down from the ancient times to perform Kampo treatment suitable for treatment today.