The 1st PLEP Radioactivity Social Recovery Course Seminar was held successfully

The 1st Radioactivity Social Recovery Course seminar 2015

In the 1st Radioactivity Social Recovery Course seminar of 2015, Dr. Tsunekazu Toda (Professor, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University), gave a lecture on February 2nd entitled “Review of the Post-War Recovery of Hiroshima City: Focusing on the reconstruction of urban and transport infrastructures.”

The PELP seminars are held regularly for the purpose of disseminating information about the activities of our program by providing open classes and lectures to Hiroshima University students, faculty and staff.

15 people, including PLEP graduate students, attended the seminar and contributed to a lively learning environment.

In his lecture, Dr. Toda explained about the reconstruction process in Hiroshima after the atomic bombing focusing on the primary restoration and recovery projects, including the Ohta River Drainage project, the Trunk Road Construction project, and the Reconstruction Land Readjustment project. He also mentioned the secondary development projects for urban expansion, including the Redevelopment project, the Riverside Green Strip Construction project, the Coastal Reclamation Land Development project, the Bypass Trunk Road construction, as well as the Highway and Airport construction. It was a good opportunity for attendees to deepen their understanding about these projects.

During the discussion, participants talked about how to utilize the experience of Hiroshima for the reconstruction of Fukushima. It was a particularly meaningful seminar for the program students.