Pharmacist’s Visiting from Taiwan, Finish Observational Training at Hiroshima University Hospital

In June 2017, Pharmacist Tung of Taichung Veterans General Hospital came to Hiroshima University Hospital for observational training. Hiroshima University Hospital concluded MOU with Taichung Veterans General Hospital in 2015. This was the second visit of pharmacists’ delegation from the hospital.

Through this program, she studied pharmaceutical system of our hospital and interacted with our staffs for 2 months.

After finishing the observation training, she said “I was really moved that Pharmacists and other medical staff members’ partnership is tighten, and they respect each other. Furthermore, I was deeply impressed that medication teaching is provided for all outpatients after checking their medication histories.”

From far left, Hospital Director Hirakawa of Hiroshima University Hospital, Pharmacist Tung, and Director Matsuo of Division of Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmacist Tung and staffs of Division of Pharmaceutical Services