IDEC Journal Vol.7 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.7 No.1January,2001

IDEC Journal Vol.7 No.2 March,2001

1―10 Masatsugu MATSUO
Whither Peace Studies? Fragmentation to a New Integration?


11―28 Masudul Hoq CHOWDHURY / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Pond Fish Production Through People's Participation in Rural Bangladesh


29―46 Megumi ENDOU
A study on the effectiveness of non-formal education to promote aarents' concern on education: Reflection from a pilot project of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in Cambodia

47―63 Yoshi TAKAHASHI
Technical assistance to Japanese manufacturers in Thailand : The case of auto parts industry

65―80 Ayaka UNO
The results and issues of the United Nations general assembly special session “Women 2000: Gender equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century"

81―97 Larry C. H. CHOW / Wing-yin LO
Chinese offshore oil production : Hopes and reality

99―112 Kiyoshi HIRANO
Lexical Items of Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea

113―126 Kaori OKABE
Dutch systems of international development cooperation and aspects of educational cooperation


(Research Notes)
127―145 Yukiko HIRAKAWA
Suggestions by donors' side on the problems and their solutions of primary and secondary educational administration in Indonesia : From a World Bank report and field experiences


(Book Review)
147―151 CHI Youngim
CHOI Kilsung and HINATA Kazumasa (eds.) Comparative Studies of Myths, Religions and Shamanism in Japan and Korea, Fukyo-sha,2000


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