IDEC Journal Vol.8 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.8 No.1 October,2001

1―17 Ceferino P. MAALA
Endangered Philippine Wildlife Species with Special Reference to the Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga Jefferyi) and Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis)


19―31 Noriyuki KAWANO
Political outcomes of the slips of the tongue of the ministers and their empirical validation : An analysis of the result of a national election

33―50 Sujin KIM
Contrastive study of proverbs in Japanese and Korean languages : Concerning the view on men and women

51―66 Michiko SASAYAMA
Cooperative development by Japan of teaching materials in Japanese language education : In the case of secondary education in Indonesia

67―90 Xiuli FAN
The death road and the soul calling in Zilu-jing, or Sutra of indicating route, of the Yi in China : A study on the discourse of ancestral migration route with special reference to its relations with ethnic identity making

91―105 Ashoke Kumar Gosh / Keshav Lall Maharjan
Impacts of Dairy Cooperative on Rural Income Generation in Bangladesh

107―126 Sultana PARVEEN / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
An analysis of pesticide use for rice pest management in Bangladesh

127―146 Takashi TAKAHATAKE
The Benefits and Problems of Cash Crop Farming in Eastern Nepal : A Case Study of Ilam District


147―159 Takuya BABA / Hideki IWASAKI
Consideration of international cooperation in the field of mathematics education : The case of the strengthening mathematics and science at secondary education (SMAASE) project, Kenya

161―178 Teresita BANBICO
Influence of Teachers' Personal Variables to Teachers' Mathematics Achievement and Instructional Skills : A Study on the Effectiveness of In-service Training in the Philippines


(Research Notes)
179―196 Kriengkrai TECHAKANONT
Practices of Intra- and Inter-Firm Technology Transfer in the Thai Automobile Industry

 IDEC Journal Vol.8 No.1 October,2001

1―10 Seiji INOUE
Amnesia in Japanese “Public memories" of being victimizers in East-Asia during the last four centuries : Reconsidered as an issue in education for international understanding

11―24 Asako UEHARAZ
Communication and culture : From a perspective of building a sound multicultural society


25―49 Yuka KANEKO
A legal analysis of corporate sector structural reform in Thailand

51―63 Hisashi KUWAYAMA
The significance and role of ethnoscience in the development of science education

65―86 Kazuko TATSUMI / Toshinobu MIKI
Factors affecting to women's participation in micro-finance program : A case study on Western Rural Development Bank in Nepal

87―101 Ashoke Kumar Ghosh / Keshav Lall Maharjan
Milk Marketing Channels in Bangladesh : A Case Study of Three Villages from Three Districts


103―117 Hideki MARUYAMA / Asako UEHARA
Cultural experiences of the JOCV in Syria and Zambia


(Research Notes)
119―133 Takako KUMANO
A study of principles for a lesson plan of “Study of the issues of the world" in the high school geography : The process for pursuing a value to live with others in the world


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