IDEC Journal Vol.14 No.1/No.2/No.3

IDEC Journal Vol.14, No.1 March, 2008

IDEC Journal Vol.14, No.2 March, 2008

IDEC Journal Vol.14, No.3 Special Issue March, 2008

(Research Notes)
1―20 Teppei YAMASHITA
Proposal for the establishment of Japan's International Environmental Cooperation

21―39 Teppei YAMASHITA
Consideration of International Cooperation for Sustainable Development : Focus to GDP growth, Efficiency of CO2 exhaust and Governance


41―55 Satoru KOMATSU
Application of the DPSIR+C Framework for Combating Desertification in Mongolia

57―69 Metin Senbil / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Junyi ZHANG
Capacity Development for Sustainable Urban Transportation in Developing Countries

71―90 Daisaku GOTO
Incentive System for Enviromental Innovation : Reward versus Intellectual Property Rights


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