IDEC Journal Vol.16 No.1/No.2

IDEC Journal Vol.16 No.1

IDEC Journal Vol.16 No.2

1―19 Niraj Prakash JOSHI / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN / Luni PIYA
Poverty and Food Insecurity in Nepal : A Review


21―38 Byung Ho CHOI / Takao YAMASHITA / Han Soo LEE
Regional Ocean Tide Simulator : Applications to Adjacent Seas of Korea and Japan

39―53 Md. Moshiur RAHMAN / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Junyi ZHANG / Hiroshi SHIMAMOTO
Evaluation of Environmental Emissions for Optimization of Highway Improvement Programme

55―68 Asif AHMED / Akimasa FUJIWARA / Junyi ZHANG
Land Transport Sector in Bangladesh : An Analysis towards Motivating GHG Emission Reduction Strategies

69―80 Karuniawan Puji WICAKSONO / Adi PRASETYO / Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI
Performance of Bondoyudo Mayang Irrigation System in East Java, Indonesia

81―100 Ade WAHYU / Arno Adi KUNTORO / Takao YAMASHITA
Annual and Seasonal Discharge Responses to Forest/Land Cover Changes and Climate Variations in Kapuas River Basin, Indonesia

101―113 Mohammed HAGGAG / Takao YAMASHITA
Framework for Multi-Weather Hazard Early Warning System in Myanmar

115―127 Bertha Z. OSEI-HWEDIE
Botswana : Indigenous Institutions, Civil Society and Government in Peace Building in Southern Africa

129―152 Boga Thura MANATSHA / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
The Land Question and Colonial Legacy in North-Eastern Botswana

153―170 Yasuhiro ISHIMINE
The Historical Changes in Japanese Language Teaching for Brazilian-Japanese in Brazil : Results from Questionnaires to Brazilian-Japanese Who Experienced Learning Japanese


(Research Notes)
171―188 Yuko ITO
"Three-by-Five Process Method" for Visible Process Development : Monitoring Tool for the Independent Participants on Participatory Rural Development

189―200 Christopher BECCLES
Comparison of Science Teachers in Selected Basic Schools in Ghana with Reported Data from Five Devcloped Countries in TIMSS 1999 Video Study


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