IDEC Journal Vol.17 No.1/No.2/No.3

IDEC Journal Vol.17 No.1


1―16 Andrey KALUGIN / Satoru KOMATSU / Shinji KANEKO
Why are environmentally aware citizens unwilling to support drinking water quality improvements? Evidence from Kemerovo, Russia    

17―30 Achmad Yasir Baeda
Seismic and Tsunami Hazard Potential in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
31―50 Alex Sivalie MBAYO
The Consequences of Women's Marginalization and Exclusion from Peace Processes on Sustainable Peacebuilding in Africa : An   
Examination of the Sierra Leone case

51―69 Yoshiaki FURUZAWA
Two Police Reforms in Kenya : Their Implications for Police Reform Policy
71―88 Nina Arteliz R. Gallego
The relationship of accent and short and long vowel duration as seen in the pronunciation of Filipino learners of Japanese
89―102 Mujtahidah Anggriani Ummul MUZAYYANAH / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Socioeconomic Determinant of Livestock Products Consumption in Urban and Rural Java, Indonesia
103―112 Niraj Prakash JOSHI / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN / Luni PIYA
Production Economics of Rice in Different Development Regions of Nepal
113―135 Luni PIYA / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN / Niraj Prakash JOSHI
Forest and Food Security of Indigenous People : A Case of Chepangs in Nepal
137―153 PEI Li
A Study on the Chinese Preposition "dui" and the Japanese Compound Case Particle "nitaishite " -Focusing on the Use as the
Object Marker -



(Research Note)

155―166 Nayani Melegoda
Return to Normalcy : New Directions for Positive Peace in Sri Lanka
167―184 Akiko Fujimura
A Study on reproductive health/rights in Nepal rural area through the case of Chhampi VDC ward 3 and 8

IDEC Journal Vol.17 No.2


1―10 Das Asim
Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Mainstream Primary Education of Bangladesh



Study of Economic Growth in Thai Economy
31―51 Vatthanamixay CHANSOMPHOU / Masaru ICHIHASHI
Foreign Direct Investment, Real Exchange Rate Misalignment, and Export Performance of Lao PDR
53―73 Rudy RAHMADDI / Masaru ICHIHASHI
Exports and Economic Growth in Indonesia : A Causality Approach based on Multi-Variate Error Correction Model
75―98 Shams, Shamsul HADI / Yuji UESUGI
Analyzing the Underlying Causes of the Afghan Intrastate Armed Conflict through the Lens of three Insurrection Approaches
99―113 Luni PIYA / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN / Niraj Prakash JOSHI
Livelihood Strategies of Indigenous Nationalities in Nepal : A Case of Chepangs
115―127 Boga Thura MANATSHA / Keshav Lall MAHARJAN
Local Governance Institutions and Land Reform in the North East District of Botswana
129―143 Naoki OKUDA
The vocabulary of the National Nurse's Examination: A Comparison with Test Content Specifications of the Japanese Language     
Proficiency Test




145―157 Toku SAKAI
The Impact of the U.S. Military Presence on the Japanese Mainland : A Case Study of the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni


 (Research Note)

159―181 Adi Prasetyo / Takao Yamashita
Numerical Study on Atmospheric, Hydrological and Coastal Circulation in Coastal City, Semarang Indonesia

IDEC Journal Vol.17 No.3

1―10 Takao YAMASHITA
Preface to special issue on “Renewable Energy”


11―27  Johann KOINEGG 
Overview of the progress in photovoltaic sector in Europe

29―44  Han Soo LEE
Ocean renewable energy : Tidal power in the Yellow Sea

45―60  Marco CINELLI
Analysis of Feed-in and Tradable Green Certificates (TGC) support mechanisms for renewable energy in Europe

61―69  Tetsu KUBOTA / Sangwoo JEONG / Doris Hooi Chyee TOE / Dilshan Remaz OSSEN 
Energy Consumption and Air-Conditioning Usage in Residential Buildings of Malaysia

71―81  Osamu HIGASHI / Hiroaki SHIRAKAWA 
International Cooperation for Building Low-Carbon and Water-Saving Society : Case Study of Japan and China

83―87  Kinya SAKANISHI 
Bio-Fuel Production Technologies from Ligno-cellulosic Biomass and Asian Biomass Strategy


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