For International Applicants (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions for international Applicants. Please see below for the relevant information.

Q1: How can I enroll in the undergraduate program of School of Medicine?


You have to take the two steps to enter the School of Medicine.
First, there are two types of primary examinations : one is the General Entrance Examination, which is the same exam as Japanese students take, and the other is the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), which is administrated only to the international students by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO ).
After taking one of them, you need to take the exam which is administrated by School of Medicine.
All the exams are conducted in Japanese, and applicants are required to have as adequate Japanese language abilities as ordinary Japanese students.
This is because most of the liberal-arts educations and specialized subects are offered in Japanese.
See the following websites for admission guide. (Japanese only)

Q2: I’d like to visit your departments and hospital for my elective clinical course work.


The Clinical observership program is only for the students from the universities within a valid Memorandum of Understanding with our university:
Consult with the department or the faculty member in charge of international affairs at your school if your university or school has a MoU with us. Then, your school will contact us and we can start the discussion about it for you.

Q3: What if HU and my university don’t have a Memorandum of Understanding?


We are afraid you are unable to participate in our medical observership program at HU.
However, if a HU School of Medicine faculty member wishes to accept you, you may be able to participate in his/her department.
Therefore, search the faculty members of your desired fields in the “Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars” of the Hiroshima University ( or the department website (, and try to request for the clinical elective directly.



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