SmaSo-X Challenge Project 2023 Grants Awarded to Young Researchers

SmaSo-X Challenge Project 2023 for Young Researchers Research Grant

SmaSo is pleased to announce the recipients of the "2023 SmaSo-X Young Researchers Research Grants."

This initiative is aimed at young faculty members engaged in interdisciplinary research with a focus on fostering research activities that lead to societal implementation and international expansion. For this year, we have selected four outstanding individuals from our pool of applicants, each of whom will be awarded a research grant of 600,000 yen, totaling 2.4 million yen.

Congratulations to the recipients, and we look forward to the innovative and impactful research they will undertake as part of this program.

List of Grantees

Resercher Title SmaSo field Cross-Word Research Theme
KOHEI SHIMASAKI Assistant Professor Cyber-Physical System High-speed camera Bird Active Vibration Camera for Identification of Birds in Large Spaces
KUMRUNGSEE THANUTCHAPORN Associate Professor Smart Agriculture Food Medicine Synergistic effect of a GABA diet and antiepileptic drugs on suppressing epileptic seizures
SO FUJIYOSHI Assistant Professor Smart Agriculture Air Microorganisms Geospatial Big Data Exploring Influencing Factors of Urban Bioaerosols Using GIS Big Data
SIMANGAN DAHLIA COLLADO Associate Professor Social Innovation Science Environmental Peacebuilding GIS Mapping Environmental Peacebuilding